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Shadowette Sold DOB: 4/19/1999

Sold ** Thank you Linnie and Lisa H. ** Sold

Shadowette is a deep, rich walnut color with great size and conformation. She is a cow that looks simply majestic when you see her in the pasture. Shadowette has over 80" total horn and a great disposition. She is an own daughter of the great Shadow bull. Her paternal line reads like a Who`s Who of Texas Longhorns and she carries the deep, saturated wild type coloration of Senator, her grand-sire

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


The Shadow



Classic Reflection 30/4
Good Friday
Dakota Kid

Dam's Pedigree


LTL Border Bird

Border Patrol

El Mojado 19/6

Mi Querida 124/5
Mob`s Measles Snow Bird
CP Measle`s Cowboy
Miss Redmac 520

Service Sire
RVR Max Z (Butler)
Popcorn *SOLD*
BZR Double Crown Royal Sold
BZR Cinnamon SOLD
BZR Bull 70/9 Sold
BZR Bull 61/0 Sold
BZR Shirley Mae 12/1
BZR Magdalena Rysdam Sold
BZR Bull 63/3 Sold
BZR Bull 57/4
BZR Bull 56/5 Sold


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