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D-H Sombra de Nuez Sold DOB: 10/21/2004

** Sold ** Thank you Robert (Bob) & Marie K. ** Sold ** Every once in a while we change out one of our herd sires. We have enjoyed having D-H Sombra de Nuez and we are keeping some of his great offspring but we have decided that the time has come for us to share him and let him do a great job for some one else. He has a super disposition. We can walk up to him in the pasture and rub on him. D-H Sombra de Nuez is one of the great herd sires at Box Z Ranch. Breeding doesn`t get much better than this! We acquired D-H Sombra de Nuez (translation: Shadow of the Walnut) from David Hillis of Double Helix Ranch. His pedigree reads like the Who`s Who of Champions. He gets his unique beautiful walnut coloring from his sire: Crown`s Classic Shadow, the top selling bull of the 2003 TLBAA Horn Showcase sale, and the Grand Champion Bull of the Grand National Stock Show in 2002. His dam, CO Barbwire is a TLBAA Dam of Distinction and a daughter of the 1994 World Grand Champion Longhorn Bull Storm Warning . CO Barbwire is also a descendant of the 1990 World Reserve Grand Champion Longhorn Bull WR Trails. Scroll down to see the wonderful calves D-H Sombra de Nuez has sired. They are exhibiting a lot of color and early horn growth.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Crown`s Classic Shadow

Crown Royal 007


Bet I Can
SK Classy Express
Federal Express
Roe`s MT Classy 3/8

Dam's Pedigree


CO Barbwire

Storm Warning

WR Trails

Little Britches
Barbie Doll
WR TRails
HCR Miss Doherty 38

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