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Jets Black Star Sold DOB: 1/29/2002

* Sold * Thank Matt & Shari Hutchings * Sold *
Jets Black Star has a nice set of horns. The past couple of years they have been twisting out and that is something that we really admire here on the ranch. Although she is predominately black, she produces some of the most colorful calves every year. Take a look at her pedigree and notice the greats like Jet Jockey, Monarch, and Diego’s Bunk Galloway.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Jet`s Zepplin

Jet Jockey

Bail Jumper

Better Yet
Deigo`s Dandy
Blackwood`s Deigo
Moore`s Maiden 91/3

Dam's Pedigree


Watson 327

Deigo`s Bunk Galloway

Deigo`s Hot Shot

Black Magnolia
Watson 218
Monarch 103
YO Tumblin Sal

Service Sire
SH Farlap Desperado 5/2
BZR Lauren Sold
BZR Lu Ling Sold
BZR Dexter Sold
BZR Jett Sold
BZR Joan Jet Sold
BZR Cheyenne Sold
BZB Am Too Sold
BZR Gabriella 14/2 Sold
BZR Heifer 12/3 Sold
BZR Louisa 17/4 Sold
BZR Poncho 57/5 Sold
Jets Black Pearl M-Z 4/6 Sold
Bull M-Z 55/7 Sold


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