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Dusty Magic Sold DOB: 6/2/2004

Sold ** Thank you Kip & Regina D. ** Sold 100 % Butler Motherhood is agreeing with Magic. She is blossoming into a very special cow. Her horns are long and beautiful. Her color and color pattern are eye catching. She has a great udder resulting in very healthy calves. Please click back on her pedigree to see many of the Butler greats! Exposed to Pitch R3.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Magical Solo

Ace`s Solo Sam

Dayton Ace FM 50/2

Hattie Bell
Magic Dode FM 753
Dode`s Boy
Monarch Majic FM 230

Dam's Pedigree


Solo`s Magic Dust

Little Ace Dusty Roads

Ace`s Mojo

Cream Peas Too
Mystical Solo
Ace`s Solo Sam
Magic Dode FM 753

Service Sire
Pitch R3 Sold
BZR Camellia Magic SOLD
BZR Magic Pitch Sold
BZR Bull 54/0 Sold


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