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BZR Daisy Sold DOB: 4/2/2007

Sold ** Thank you 30 Spicewood Partners ** Sold In addition to great horn growth, Daisy is an exceptional young cow possessing the Gunman/Butler breeding we`ve come to like. With a deep red body, black nose and black tip on her tail, Daisy is beautiful. She is showing exceptional maternal traits. she was exposed to D-H Sombra de Nuez prior to us selling him and should be bred back to him.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Seman`s Classic Redman

J.R. Seman


J.R. Sequential
Classy Lady
CP Impressive Lad
4P Classy Princess

Dam's Pedigree


Dalgood`s Lilly

Ace`s Cajun Cowboy

Ace`s Cortez

Lonesome Pine Lil
Ace`s Mojo
Ace`s Ghost

Service Sire
D-H Sombra de Nuez Sold
BZR Bull 69/9 Sold
BZR Bull 58/0 Sold


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