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Overwhelmer’s Jack KCC DOB: 12/5/1988

The beautiful herd sire for Kimble Cattle Company. Overwhelmer`s Jack KCC had 80 3/4" horn measurement in 2002. He is the father of the steer WOW KCC who measured 107 3/4" of horn in 2003. Overwhelmer`s Jack KCC was reported as deceased in 2005. Photo courtesy of Kimble Cattle Company.

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree




Texas Toro

Calico Gal
Doherty 698
Senor Mulege
Wright #489

Dam's Pedigree


Rulers Jackie KCC

Bold Ruler


Miss Dayton #5
YO Wichita Jackie 1355
YO Texas Jack 596
YO Miss Wichita 612

Big Red KCC
Jackie O KCC
Classita Jackita


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