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Pitch R3 Sold DOB: 3/1/2003

Sold ** Thank you Cleveland Brothers Farms ** Sold The Box Z Ranch has used Pitch for three breeding seasons. We have enjoyed having him and we are keeping some of his beautiful offspring but we have decided that the time has come for us to share him and let him improve your herd. Pitch R3 comes from Kim and Robert Richey`s Triple R Ranch breeding program. Pitch has a 100% BUTLER background. Pitch has been used at the Box Z Ranch to grow and improve our Butler herd as well as add Butler genetics to some of our blended girls. His sire, Strider R3, is directly out of the great Monarch 103 and MF Little Sparky. His dam, Fawnie BR3, is an exciting tan/brindle cow. She is an R3 Dylan daughter out of Carmon Colorado R3 who is a Colorado Cowboy daughter. Pitch is black with a brownish red lineback much like Ace`s Mojo, the incredible Bold Ruler / Maressa son. Pitch`s calves have shown many different horn shapes and twists. The calves have been different colors and possess good horn bases. One of his daughters sold for $7,000 at the 2008 Red McCombs Fiesta Sale. Pitch works well as his disposition is easy going which is a requirement here at the Box Z Ranch.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Strider R3

Monarch 103


Lady Butler
MF Little Sparky
Little OT
Melmc 426

Dam's Pedigree


Fawnie BR3

R3 Dylan

Ace`s Dayton Desperado

Miss Dixie 4
Carmon Colorado R3
Colorado Cowboy
R3 Carmon San Diego

Miss Purdy 2
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