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TC Sweet Maressa B (Butler) DOB: 11/3/2000

She looks almost identical to the famous droop horn Maressa of the 70`s. This twist horn sweetheart has a pedigree full of outstanding Butler greats like FM Graves 102, Miss Carmon Dode, and Superior`s Dot (the sire of the two longest horned Butler females recently measured - both over 76 1/2" TTT).

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree


R3 Santana

Ace`s Medicine Man

Ace`s Mojo

FM Graves 102
Miss Carmon Dode FM617
Dode`s Boy
Classey Carmon FM273

Dam's Pedigree


Little Twist

Superior`s Dot


Dottie 50
OT Blue`s Bevo`s Wing
Blue Horns
Bevo`s Wing

Service Sire
RVR Bentley Sold
BZR Beckham Sold
BZR Sweet Bella 5/2 Sold


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