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BZR Rose of Guadalupe Sold DOB: 5/28/2009

Sold ** Thank you Candlewood Community Baptist Church ** Sold This is one of the best Redman calves that we have had. Rose has been spitting out horn since the day she was born. We are not surprised as you look back to her pedigree - J.R. Seman twice, Boomerang CP, and Ace`s Mojo (arguably the best Butler bull of all time). Check back often to see how she grows as the Redman heifers usually have a ton of lateral horn growth as they mature. Photo taken 02/14/2011.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Seman`s Classic Redman

J.R. Seman


J.R. Sequential
Classy Lady
CP Impressive Lad
4P Classy Princess

Dam's Pedigree


Guadalupe Gloria

Boomer`s Return

Boomerang CP

L Miss Texas Sweetheart
Redmac Miss Butler 25/0
Little Ace Dusty Roads
Little Ace Brown Jackie

Service Sire
RVR Bentley Sold


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