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BZR Bull 69/9 Sold DOB: 8/12/2009

Sold ** To be used in a commercial herd of heifers ** Sold This young guy is looking good. Hes heavily Butler influenced. We feel that adding a little J.R. Seman influence with the Butler greats of Monarch 103, R3 Dylan and Aces Cajun Cowboy gives the potential for an outstanding herd sire. Photo taken 01/22/2010.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Pitch R3

Strider R3

Monarch 103

MF Little Sparky
Fawnie BR3
R3 Dylan
Carmon Colorado R3

Dam's Pedigree


BZR Daisy

Seman`s Classic Redman

J.R. Seman

Classy Lady
Dalgood`s Lilly
Ace`s Cajun Cowboy
Lonesome Pine Lil


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