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Linda Liu RV20 Sold DOB: 9/4/2004

Sold ** Thank you Don Hudgins III ** Sold
Linda Liu is some of the best Butler breeding that you can find. She is an own daughter of the Monarch x MF Little Sparky son, Strider R3. Her dam is a cow named Lucy Liu who is a flashy R3 Dylan daughter. Linda has some elegant horns that donít get lost out in the pasture! Like a fine wine she just gets better and better with time!

Price: N/A | Status: FOR SALE

Sire's Pedigree


Strider R3

Monarch 103


Lady Butler
MF Little Sparky
Little OT
Melmc 426

Dam's Pedigree


Lucy Liu BR3

R3 Dylan

Ace`s Dayton Desperado

Miss Dixie 4
Lucy BH 29
Mr. Graves 75
Monica FM 245

Service Sire
SH Farlap Desperado 5/2
BZR Bevo 73/9 Sold
BZR Lari Liu Sold
BZR Bull 59/1 Sold
BZR Kono Liu 16/2 Sold
BZR Road Trip 14/3 Sold
BZR Bull 51/5 Sold
Bull 50/6 M-Z Sold
Mary Lou Grace M-Z (Butler)


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