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TC Classey Brownie B Sold DOB: 3/21/2004

Sold ** Thank you Billy and Delynn D. ** Sold Classey Brownie B is a straight Butler cow out of Brown Bomber and a twisty horned Classey Blubutler daughter. Her horns are starting to do a very nice twist.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Brown Bomber 126


Don Juan of Christine

Miss Redmac 256
OT Droop A Long
Ten`s Comealong 360
OT Droopy

Dam's Pedigree


Miss Classey Dode FM754

Dode`s Boy


Miss Liberty 10th
Classey Blubutler FM 386
FM Graves 52

Service Sire
RVR Trinidad (Butler)
BZR Mack Brown Sold
BZR Heifer 25/0 Sold
BZR Pompeii Sold
BZR Bull 71/2 Sold


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