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BZR Woodrow Call Sold DOB: 2/24/2010

Sold ** Thank you Calvin and Mary H ** Sold Woodrow Call was originally known as Dunn. If you want gentle, this is your guy. He will run up to us in the pasture to have his head rubbed. His coloring is great especially his fancy face. His pedigree on both sides has a lot of horn. Photo taken 11/20/2010.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Seman`s Classic Redman

J.R. Seman


J.R. Sequential
Classy Lady
CP Impressive Lad
4P Classy Princess

Dam's Pedigree


RM Dun Molly

Coach`s Redmac


M-F Trinity
Butler Molly TLB
Encino Man TLB
Miss Bar Molly 180


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