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Fancy Cheyenne BW 5/6 DOB: 11/8/2006

Fancy`s name fits her well. She is beautiful - speckled from head to toe. Being so drawn to the color, you almost miss the really nice heavy horns she has. Fancy is a genetic goldmine - quadruple Mr. Graves which also means she is double Monarch Missy and Classey Blubutler.

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree


Graves Cheyenne BW 007

Cheyenne Graves FM 44

Mr. Graves 75

Monarch Missy
Dode`s Butler Walker BW13/1
Windwalker FM50
Dode`s Butlergirl FM746

Dam's Pedigree


Lady Cheyenne BW 45/4

Cheyenne Graves FM44

Mr. Graves 75

Monarch Missy
Classey Windy BW 71/0
Windwalker FM50
A Class Act FM940

BZR Bull 63/0
BZR Bull 60/1 Sold
BZR Tuffy 65/2 Sold


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