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Gina Butler RK89 (Butler) DOB: 5/26/2002

She may look like just a regular cow but if you study her pedigree and offspring then you will see that she is much more than that. Gina’s sire, Dode Graves, is a product of Blackie Graves putting Mr. Graves on Classic daughters. Gina’s mother is a big horned cow that has some historical animals in her pedigree as well. She goes back to No Double, the great Classic x Maressa son. O’Neil 12 is a full sister to the great Lota Class cow, the first 70” TTT cow in the breed. Gina has worked well with our bulls and has produced three flashy calves in a row.

Price: N/A | Status: FOUNDATION

Sire's Pedigree


Dode Graves FM962

Welfare RG921

Mr. Graves

Classic Gem FM225
Miss Pauline RG935
Mr. Graves
Classey Belle FM568

Dam's Pedigree


Shauna Butler RK29

VJ Blue Duck

No Double

OT 26th Anniversary
O`Neil 12
Leta Boom

Service Sire
SH Farlap Desperado 5/2
BZR Regina Sold
BZR Fiona 13/1 Sold
BZR Spartan 66/2 Sold
BZR Bull 65/3 Sold
BZR Ruby Red 18/4 Sold
Gina Dode M-Z 1/6 (Butler)


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