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RVR Bandita Rose Sold DOB: 12/25/2009

Sold ** Thank you Jeremy and Tina J. of Rancho Dos Ninos ** Sold
Bandita Rose is a straight Butler Texas Longhorn that came to us from the Rio Vista Ranch, she is a carbon copy of her dam, only darker. She is out of the Durango Chex bull who is a VJ Tommie and Guinnevere BR3 son. As you may recall, Guinnevere is a great Dylan x Carmon Dode daughter that has topped the Butler sale twice. Bandita`s dam, Wind Whisper, is out of Spanish Desperado who goes back to Ace`s Betty Butler and Ace`s Dayton Desperado. Her dam is a Robert King cow that goes back to Monarch`s Request and Windwalker. The horn genetics are here and Bandita is showing that she is a wonderful mama cow.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Durango Chex 779

VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)

No Double

OT Superior`s Droopy
Guinnevere B R3
R3 Dylan
Miss Carmon Dode FM617

Dam's Pedigree


Wind Whisper RV24

Spanish Desperado

Desperado`s Santa Fe 67

Jackie Lynn 16
Windmill Butler RK38
Monarch`s Request FM 700
Folsom Butler Bell BW23

Service Sire
RVR Trinidad (Butler)
BZR Earl 59/2 Sold
BZR Bull 60/3 Sold


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