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CS Saffron Monsoon (Butler) DOB: 8/30/2008

Saffron Monsoon is a straight Butler cow that is as flashy as you can get. She is out of Little Ace Sting, who is Little Ace Blackcat Moon and R3 Roxanne. This gives Saffron the ability to produce her great color and some great horn shape from the R3 Roxanne side. Her dam is CS Rain Dode who is out of Little Ace Rajun Cajun Mc, a great Ace`s Sam son who also has flashy color. On the bottom side she is out of Sally Dode, a Blackie Graves cow that was a true producer. We look forward to adding these genetics and color to our program.

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree


Little Ace Sting

Little Ace Blackcat Moon


Little Ace Mrs Delicious
R3 Roxanne
Ace`s Medicine Man
Bold Princess

Dam's Pedigree


CS Rain Dode

Little Ace Rajun Cajunmc

Ace`s Sam

Ace`s Conquistabrownie
Sally Dode FM 960
Dode`s Boy
Classic Butlerbell FM238

Service Sire
RVR Max Z (Butler)
BZR Heifer 10/3 Sold
BZR Heifer 12/4 (Butler)


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