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VJ Curly`s Delight (Butler) DOB: 9/8/2008

We are proud to introduce this young cow into our butler program. She has gorgeous color and majestic horns that are going up. They are going to have a lot of shape to them when she matures more. She comes from the heart of the Webb`s breeding program and we are so excited to be able to obtain these are to find genetics. She is loaded on VJ Tommie in her pedigree and goes back to the Tommie Sue line that the Webb`s have made successful. If you notice that she goes back to VJ Nestor`s Brenda, who is the dam to our herd sire RVR Max Z. We are looking forward to putting her on some bulls to bring out more Webb breeding as well as outcrossing her with our other Butler bulls.

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree


Jumbo Tommy 101

VJ Tommie (aka) Unlimited)

No Double

OT Superior`s Droopy
White Dot
MF Jumbo Jr.
Red Neck Gal

Dam's Pedigree


VJ Nestor`s Camile

VJ Nestor

VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)

VJ Curly`s Girl
VJ Nestor`s Brenda
VJ Nestor
VJ Tommie Sue

Service Sire
Trifecta BR3 (Butler)
BZR Austin 52/2 Sold
BZR Chico 53/3 Sold
Kachina Delight (Butler)


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