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RVR Trinidad (Butler) DOB: 2/5/2010

RVR Trinidad is a handsome straight Butler Texas Longhorn bull owned by Rio Vista Ranch. Thanks to the Rosenbergers for allowing us to use this great bull temporarily. We really liked the calves that this bull produced.

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree


Concho 24

VJ Nestor

VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited)

VJ Curly`s Girl
Jackie Lynn 171
Shenandoah Nick
Jackie Lynn 2660

Dam's Pedigree


Trina Dode RK60

Dode Graves FM962

Welfare RG921

Miss Pauline RG935
K Trina Graves
K El Presidente 500
Kbar Miss Freckles 32/6

BZR Phil Sold
BZR Betty 13/2 Sold
BZR Bushwhacker Sold
BZR Apple Ale 1/3 Sold
BZR Chico 53/3 Sold
BZR Annie 3/3 Sold
BZR Steer 57/3 Sold
BZR Cherokee Rose 9/3 Sold
BZR Bull 60/3 Sold
BZR Bull 67/3 Sold
BZR Moulin Rouge 13/3 Sold
C3 Steer 303 Sold
Kachina Delight (Butler)
BZR Heifer 4/4 Sold
BZR Heifer 5/4
BZR Bull 53/4
BZR Heifer 6/4 Sold
Chocolate Diamonds
BZR Heifer 8/4 Sold
Cruella de Kash (Butler)
Eloise M-Z 10/4 Sold
BZR Heifer 14/4 (Butler)


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