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BZR Apple Ale 1/3 Sold DOB: 1/21/2013

Sold * Thank you Jack & Nicole G. * Sold
This young heifer has started to brindle on both hips and on her face. We are hoping she will continue to brindle and end up looking like her gorgeous mother. She is a big bodied beautiful heifer. Price will go up when she goes in with a bull. Photo taken on 06/15/2014.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


RVR Trinidad

Concho 24

VJ Nestor

Jackie Lynn 171
Trina Dode RK60
Dode Graves FM962
K Trina Graves

Dam's Pedigree


BZR Roses are Red


McWeb`s Mac Jumbo

VJ Nestor`s Brenda
YP Red Ridinghood
D5 Super Ranger
YP Red All Over

Service Sire
Trifecta BR3 (Butler)


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