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Bull 54/7 M-Z (Butler) DOB: 6/25/2017

Nice "straight Butler Texas Longhorn" bull, he was born with the brindle on his head and body, I can only image how he will color in as he grows. Photo taken 11/02/2017.

Price: $850.00 | Status: FOR SALE

Sire's Pedigree


SH Farlap Desparado 5/2

SH Farlap Rock 45/9

SH Rocky Blue 26/3

Far Lapdancer YS
SH Rich Dynamite 35/9
LT Mr. Rich
LT Little Jackie

Dam's Pedigree


Carmon Bonita BR3

Preacher R3

Strider R3

Carmon Miranda BR3
Carmon Dancer BR3
Colorado Knight R3
R3 Carmon San Diego


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