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Bammer`s Windstorm SOLD DOB: 10/20/2003

Striking white heifer with red ears and red spotting on legs and neck. Lately she has started getting very interesting coloring as she begins to get spots on her body. She will be a large bodied cow like her mother. She is a granddaughter of Whambam of Sugarloaf, a son of Overwhelmer on her mother`s side. Her father was a Billy Walker bred 100% Butler bull out of Classic and Graves breeding. She is exposed to our herd sire Spook KCC. * SOLD * Thank you Steve & Francine A. * SOLD * Photo taken 01/24/2006.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Windstorm BW 222

Windwalker FM 50

Mr. Graves 75

Classey BluButler Fm 386
Princess Nicole
Nick FM 353
FM Graves 105

Dam's Pedigree


Bammer`s Red Bird

Whambam of Sugarloaf


Miss Redmac 655
Circle R 75/4
Johnny Cash
Circle R Brass Princess

Service Sire
Spook KCC


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