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Ms. Leah IV VRH SOLD DOB: 5/2/2002

A beautiful deep dark red and white 100% Butler cow. This nice young cow, with a great disposition, is from the heart of both the Wiley & Ester Knight and Dr. Anderson`s breeding programs. Ms. Leah IV VRH goes back to some of the very best in Butler cattle. This photo does not do her justice. Click on the photo boxes below for her extended pedigree. She was exposed to Spook KCC until 11/20/06 and is now exposed to Semanís Classic Redman. Birthdate of calf will determine service sire. Photo taken 01/01/2005. * SOLD * Thank you Steve & Francine A. * SOLD *

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Coach Anderson


Don Juan of Christine

Miss Redmac 256
Brown Beauty
Don Juan of Christine
MF Sweet Heart

Dam's Pedigree


Ms. Leah II

Mr. Little Big Horn

Fancy Butler

Miss Butler
Miss Leah
Straight Butler
Miss Classic

Service Sire
Seman`s Classic Redman SOLD
Just John SOLD
BZR Bull 67/6 SOLD


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