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BZR Jenn Sold DOB: 6/4/2005

Sold ** Thank you Federico G. ** Sold
Jenn is our last Spook daughter. She is a beautiful cow with flashy roan color and long flat horns. Take a look at her great background also. Spook produced very feminine cows with great maternal traits. Jenn`s calves have been born within a year of each other and she has a great udder.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree


Spook KCC

B.A. Bull KCC

The Shadow

Brendal Arabi
Jackie O KCC
Overwhelmer’s Jack KCC
Classita Jackita

Dam's Pedigree


Bammer`s Jennifer

Whambam of Sugarloaf


Miss Redmac 655
Circle R 75/4
Johnny Cash
Circle R Brass Princess

Service Sire
RVR Trinidad (Butler)
BZR Ginger Sold
BZR Lefty Sold
BZR Jenny Sold
BZR Cotton Jen Sold
BZR Tejas Sold
BZR Sally 2/3 Sold


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