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Jet Fire BC SOLD DOB: 3/26/1996

Jet Fire has a stacked pedigree and throws beautiful colorful calves. Yes, there is only one horn there. When we acquired him he had already broken off a large portion of his right horn. We not able to get the whole story as to what really happened. He has a good disposition and is an easy keeper. He throws beautiful calves and has a great pedigree. SOLD - Thank you Bert V.

Price: N/A | Status: OF_RECORD

Sire's Pedigree





Doherty 698
Tiptoes Colorado Cowgirl
Colorado Cowboy
Tip Toe

Dam's Pedigree


Jet Jangle

Jet Jockey

Bail Jumper

Better Yet
Impressive Bouquet
Alpha 1

BZR Heifer 10/5 *SOLD*
BZR Jet Tex *SOLD*
BZR Sassey Rita SOLD
BZR Jet Jane *SOLD*
Shiloh`s Blazing Fire **SOLD**
Sidekick BZR **SOLD **
BZR Sable Jet SOLD
BZR Blazing Sarah Sold
BZR Heifer 19/5 SOLD
BZR Blazing Sue Sold
BZR Heifer 1/6 SOLD
BZR Steer 53/6 **SOLD**
Harry SOLD
BZR Heifer 2/6 SOLD
BZR Heifer 16/5 SOLD
BZR Bull 55/6 SOLD
BZR Steer 61/6 SOLD
BZR Shiloh Sold
BZR Bull 69/6 SOLD
BZR Blazing Selena SOLD
BZR Blazing Scarlet
BZR Nike Sold


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