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Empress Vallejo Sold DOB: 1/31/2005

Sold ** Thank you Don L. ** Sold This is a big bodied young cow that is producing similar large bodied calves. Empress may not have much tip -to-tip but she has over 80" total horn. Her brownish black coloring is very distinctive and it appears that she will color like her grandmother Brown Bessie. We love her pedigree. Click back and see the likes of Dixie Impack, Colorado Cowboy, Emperor, Brown Bessie, Classic, and Conquistador. We have reduced her price only because we need to cut our numbers.

Price: N/A | Status: SOLD

Sire's Pedigree



Dixie Impack


Delta Cheer
MS Jewel 409
Red Bill
MS Jewel 769

Dam's Pedigree


Silver Speckled Bessie

Ace`s Quicksilver

Colorado Cowboy

January`s Classic
Brown Bessie
Fiesta Fandango
Fandango`s Kicking Bird

Service Sire
RVR Bentley Sold
BZR Julianna SOLD
BZR Revolution SOLD
BZR Devine Sold
BZR Crown Jewel Sold
BZR Kate Sold


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