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Name Sex DOB Sire Dam Price

BZR Outlaw Sold
B 1/10/2013 RVR Max Z
BZR Blazing Scarlet

Apache M-Z Sold
B 1/29/2018 SH Farlap Desperado 5/2
Julia Childes

Cosmo M-Z 55/8
B 6/13/2018 SH Frlap Desperado 5/2
Dale D`em Pease

Bull 50/9 M-Z (Butler)
B 2/1/2019 SH Farlap Desperado 5/2
RVR Ella Rose

Bull 51/9 M-Z (Butler)
B 2/2/2019 SH Farlap Desperado 5/2
Gina Dode M-Z
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